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Automating Document Delivery Is What We Do

About Paris Deliver

Our Mission

Revolutionize the document delivery market so organizations can focus on their core business activities instead of maintaining outdated and expensive print and mail operations.

How It Works

About Us

Paris Deliver is the latest innovation from leading document workflow and automation specialist XLPrint. XLPrint has a successful history in revolutionizing the document industry. As pioneers in the early printing days with Xerox, through to enabling modern Fortune 100 companies to automate their document-based business processes, XLPrint has extensive experience in software innovation, mission critical customer-enablement, and diverse partner integration.

What We Live By

In a connected digital world, we are a tailored print service designed to meet business needs across a variety of workplace arrangements.

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Near Enough Isn't Good Enough

We go the extra step with EVERY customer. We don’t leave you hanging or commit to what we can’t deliver

No Two Things Are Equal

We understand your business isn’t the same as the last or next. We don’t put square pegs in round holes


Value All

All people, All ideas, All values

Show Initiative, Think

Help solve every problem, excuses aren’t our friend


Foregiveness Not Permission

Always do what you think is right first

Make Our Industry A Better Place

Create change where change is necessary